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AGNi Kernel v8.0 | Android 10 & 11
Updated: 08/02/'21

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- qcacld-3.0: Fix regulatory domain country names.
- sched: Disable SCHED_DEBUG.
ft8756: fix strnstr usage.
- initramfs: add skip_override parameter.
- msm: kgsl: run kgsl-workqueue as a high prio wq.
- Revert: "msm-poweroff: enable warm reset".

- Choose the MIUI named one if you are on MIUI, if not then choose AOSP one.
- Flashing LMKD Module V2 is just optional (AOSP).
- No need to use LKMD module on MIUI.
- Agni Random Reboot Protect Module to be used if needed.

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