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Yuki Kernel v4.14.220 | Android 11
Updated: 09/02/'21

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- Upstream to 4.14.220
- Update anykernel
- Fixed performance degradation on genshin impact and cod mobile
- Reconfigure idle set
- Implement Yuki Driver
- backport cgroups
- (some roms with pixel power hal can add this change to their ramdisk https://github.com/Klozz/yuki_kernel_atoll_configs to configure stune boost for the camera)
- adsprpc: export dma buffer size (to know the mem used by fastrpc)
- Merge security changes
- binder: implement BINDER_FREEZE ioctl
- binder: introduce the BINDER_GET_FROZEN_INFO ioctl
- Using last Yuki ユキ clang

- only for roms with newer encryption format (required in A11 roms aka inline encrypt)
- ROMs that don't support inline encryption will stay in bootloop
- AOSP A11 only.

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