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AndroidOne | Android 10 (Curtana only)
Updated: 09/12/'20


- Bump new security patches
- Some bug fixes from Xiaomi side (maybe)

- Everything related to FP in camera and swipe FP for notifications

- Recommend to turn off auto brightness
- Flash vantom kernel if you face random reboots
- Fastboot ROM. Run linux.sh or windows.bat to flash it. Put your phone in fastboot before doing that.
- Change DPI to 392 if you don't like 360

Credits & thanks:
- @sakhatlonda, @CyberPhantom52, @ProtoDevNan0 and everyone in port group
- Also to Neferon, Amack and Guzram and everyone that contributed to Android porting
- @ZHEN_BANG, @KohakuTiger and @AxeWolf21 for helping
- @ElytrA8 for mirror
- And finally u

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