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Project Fluid v1.2 - OFFICIAL | Android 11
Updated: 04/02/'21

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- February security patch.
- Network Indicator (works in header and statusbar).
- Fixes and other things nobody cares about.
- Merged Latest LA.UM.9.1.r1-08300-SMxxx0.0 CAF tag.
- Merged 4.14.217 Latest Android Common Linux Kernel Tag, Thanks Alex!
- Improved Vibrations, Thanks Ctwoon!
- Re-enabled Updatable Apexes, Thanks Sonal!
- Fixed Idles and wakelocks by adressing their denials, Thanks Sonal x2!
- Might have fixed Screen off torch.
- Changed power options menu's design.
- Fixed Aux lenses access in some camera apps like CTGcam.
- Might have fixed RIL taking 4 minutes after boot.

- You tell me...

- Choose Gapped folder for GApps and GAppless for Vanilla build
- Screenshots
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Credits and thanks:
- To everyone that helped

By @Ramiskyy
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