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JoyUI 12 21.1.10 [Black Shark 2 Pro] | Android 10
Updated: 08/02/'21


- Back to darklighter (ahahahaha)
- Fix haptic totally (fully? maybe)
- Fix MIUI camera (watermark won't work cuz yes)
- Fix ghost touch on FP issue
- Screen won't dim on FOD on Lockscreen
- New way to enable sharkspace (read notes)
- Enabled some MIUI features
- Remove aod cuz yes
- Full recovery flashable

- No gapps, install Samsung experience weebgapps mod if need
- How to enable sharkspace

- @VegaZS, @erfanoabdi, @Omarilzz, @ProtoDevNan0, @Ramiskyy, @sakhatlonda, @Guzram
- A (i forgot who) Chinese guy on coolapk for giving me FW
- A (i forgot who too) Chinese guy on coolapk for telling me how to enable sharkspace
- My testers
- Android logcat
- u

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