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PixelExperience BETA - OFFICIAL | Android 11
Updated: 21/01/'21

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- Do proper headset buttons mapping
- Enabled Wifi WPA3-SAE
- Enabled Wifi Channel Bonding Mode for 2.4GHz Wifi
- Tree cleanup thanks to sonal
- Switched to GCam Go
- Extended ZRam to 2GBs thanks dereference x2
- Switched to Non-cleanup demon kernel (which has exfat driver so that's fixed)
- Centered punch hole in Status-bar
- Allowed More Icons in Status-bar
- Lag improvements
- Should boot on excalibur now

- Joyeuse excalibur and gram may have some lag issues due to missing R firmware.
- Make sure you're on the latest available firmware.
- Curtana users are advised to use indian R firmware.
- Joyeuse excalibur and gram will likely have Widevine L3 due to missing R firmware

By @prudev
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